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Glossary of Materials and Terms


A manufactured fiber derived from polyacrylonitrile. Its major properties include a soft, wool-like hand, machine washable and dryable, excellent color retention. Solution-dyed versions have excellent resistance to sunlight and chlorine degradation.


A fabric that has been chemically treated or a fiber that is created by incorporating the anti-bacterial chemical agent into the fiber formula, making the finished fiber or fabric resistant to, or inhibiting the growth of micro-organisms.


The movement of water or water vapor from one side of the fabric to the other, caused by capillary action, wicking, chemical, or electrostatic action.

Control Trax®

A style of grip offered on our gloves. Material is breathable and has 4-way stretch fit for excellent dexterity.


A natural fiber that is most often spun into yarn or thread and used to make a soft, breathable material.


The soft, fluffy fiber or underfeathers of ducks, geese, or other water fowl. Used primarily for insulation in outerwear garments.


Soft napped fabric that can be used as outer shell or inner lining; Fleece is normally made from 100% synthetic material, like polyester.


A breathable membrane that blocks moisture from the outside of a glove while allowing moisture on the inside to evaporate.

Gore-Tex® Gloves with X-TRAFIT®

Made with a patented construction technique where the liner and insert are permanently bonded together... The outcome is a great fitting, waterproof and breathable glove with optimum grip, dexterity, and comfort.


A waterproof, breathable, and windproof glove insert that prevents water and wind from penetrating while allowing moisture to evaporate, keeping your hands warm and dry.


With respect to a fabric, a material that protects from the loss of warmth or the penetration of cold.


A fabric that is used to cover the inside of a garment to provide a finished look.


A soft, luxorous fabric with a velvety feel.

Mossy Oak®

Mossy Oak® Camo Patterns feature unprecedented depth, unequalled detail, and elements with remarkable contrast: New Break-Up®, Treestand®, Obsession®, and BreakUp Infinity®.

Nappa Leather

Drum dyed "naked" leather without pigment (spray). Good quality, measured in the softness and texture of skin. Grain is coarser with more blemishes than Metis.

Polartec® Power Stretch®

Heavy duty, nylon-faced 4-way compression with with a Polartec® fleece back for moisture management.

Polartec® Wind Pro®

A wind-resistant, high density polyester fleece with a Sherpa pile that traps warm air next to your skin.


A strong and durable synthetic fabric.


Insulation products offer superior performance for high quality cold-weather gear. Lightweight, breathable and proven to repel water better than any other synthetic or natural insulation.



There's no better way to blend in to your surroundings than by wearing Realtree® camo, no matter where you hunt or enjoy the outdoors. Realtree® is the home of world's most versatile camo patterns: All Purpose®and Advantage Max-4®.

Rip-stop Nylon

A lightweight, wind resistant, and water resistant plain weave fabric. Large rib yarns stop tears without adding excess weight to active sportswear apparel and outdoor equipment such as sleeping bags and tents.


A material normally used in the palm area of our gloves. Allows a super grip, great durability and is abraison resistant.

Scent Control

Process applied to an item that conceals your scent and odors. Purpose is to allow you to get in close to your prey.

Seamless Knitting

A unique process of circular knitting, done on either Santoni or Sangiacomo knitting machines. This circular knitting process essentially produces finished garments with no side seams, which require only minimal sewing to complete the garment.


100% Polyester material with a shearling look, but a super soft hand feel.


Silkweight Windstopper®


This shell offers a lightweight 3-layer construction that provides year-round warmth and has our windstopper technology built in.




A modern, high-tech, woven polyester fabric. It is a strong, durable fabric.

Taslon Supplex Nylon

A type of shell that is extremely durable. The shell is waterproof, and has a breathable membrane that is comfortable even when wet.


Warmth without bulk, lightweight insulating material by INVISTA.


Lightweight, insulating fabric made by 3M.

Thinsulate Supreme™

Thinsulate fiber with coating for a soft, silky feel.


Material sewn into the glove or built into a glove that provides touch screen compatibility for an electronic device.

Tricot fabric

Has a unique weave that makes it smooth on one side and textured on the other.

Ultra Plush™

Luxurious polyester fabric with a silky softness and sleek fit.

Warm Touch

100% polyester brushed lining provides warmth without bulk.


The ability of a fabric to be nonpermeable to wind and air.


The ability of a fabric to act against or oppose the penetration of wind or air, but it is not totally windproof.


Windstopper® fabric protects you from windchill by blocking the wind. The pores in the Windstopper® membrane are too small for the wind to pass through. Because the wind can't penetrate clothing, your body remains warm and protected.

X-STATIC® The Silver Fiber®

Has a layer of pure silver bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. This silver fiber is then knit or woven into a textil fabric. X-STATIC® is antimicrobial, inhibiting bacterial growth in the textiles. It also dissipates static build-up, resulting in more comfortable, static-free garments.